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Alex Ballantyne


Alex is an entrepreneur with a successful track record of developing scalable businesses within the digital media and healthcare sectors. He has over 15 years experience from senior leadership roles in Hearst Magazine Digital Division, and prior to that was founding member of NetDoctor.com


Founded in 2011, Praxis is a UK based digital health business with the vision to impact health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and populations.  We aim to achieve this by providing individuals, payors and providers with accurate and meaningful insight to current and future health needs and inequalities using our propriety health informatics solution.

The programme's first application was successfully deployed in 2015 and has been received well with data now generated from 49 countries. The approach is unique as Praxis have extended the scope of current health assessments, mainly based on circulatory disease, to focus on ageing and also incorporating mental health, dementia and frailty. In addition, health outcomes are related to causal behavioural and environmental factors and by applying cognitive computing techniques this enables additional insights into the health data that were previously hidden.

Praxis believe that in partnership with those delivering health programmes there is the opportunity to transform global health, by utilising such cognitive systems to help organisations expand their knowledge base, better target their services, reduce health dependency and ultimately improve efficiency.



A most engaging application which was professionally implemented to our specific requirements by the Praxis team. In terms of outputs we have increased engagement with our audience with over 85% completion rate and  consequently a huge increase in our understanding of the health issues that have informed greatly the development of future services

BAL SINGH, Netdoctor

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